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The Goose

ASW is proud to introduce the Goose

With years of SUAS field experience,

the team at ASW designed the Goose

to perform where it matters most


All flight surfaces are constructed with carbon reinforced nylon frames bonded inside pro-grade fiberglass. Built for the real world: Drops, rough handling, transportation, or hard landings should never put an end to a day’s work.


Specifically designed to be hand launched under demanding conditions.  Launches are safe, reliable, and repeatable with a low stall speed and the propeller placed safely away from the operator.

Hand Launched

The ultimate goal is getting your payload in the air.  A modular tray system makes mounting your payload easy as well as offering quick access in the field.  Future payload upgrades are no problem at all.

Easy Payload Integration

A simple, straightforward design offers ease of access to all critical components.  This makes it easy to inspect and maintain as necessary to keep flying safely and reliably.  If repairs are ever needed, ASW stocks all components of the Goose...from individual electronics to airframe sub-assemblies.


Available as a ready-to-fly system or a kit, the Goose offers a value unmatched by any other all-composite, fixed-wing airframe.  Ask about factory training as well.




99 inches


72 inches


13 lbs

Payload Capacity

2.5 lbs


1 hour

Cruise Speed

15 m/s (30 knots)

Max Speed

29 m/s (58 knots)

Max Wind

14 m/s (27 knots)


Hand (autonomous)


Skid (autonomous)

Crew Requirements


Control / Telemetry Link

900 MHz

Control / Telemetry Range

10+ miles

Safety Pilot Link

2.4 GHz