Heavy Lift Multirotor

40+ pound payload

A modular tray system makes it easy to mount, access, swap, or upgrade your payload

1+ hour flights

The high battery-to-weight ratio, high-efficiency props, and
energy-dense lithium ion cells enable flights exceeding 1 hour
with small payloads


Affordable Adaptability

The modular design uses a scalable frame and interchangeable propulsion systems to achieve a solution that is off-the-shelf yet still customizable to your unique needs. The HLM offers a value unmatched by any other commercial multirotor. 


Designed with certification in mind, all subsystems of the HLM are accessible for easy maintenance. Components were selected with data-driven inspection in mind to meet future FAA requirements.


The frame is constructed entirely from carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum to create a rigid, light-weight platform.




4, 6, or 8 (customizable)

Number of Arms

40+ lbs

Payload Capacity

1 hour+


More information coming soon

Additional Specifications

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