HLM - Octocopter


The ASW Heavy Lift Multirotor (HLM) system represents the pinnacle of industrial, heavy lift sUAS.  Built with logistics in mind to accommodate the widest possible array of missions.  Achieve unparalleled reliability and longevity when paired with our exclusive DroneCare service plans.  Consider the HLM Octo for missions requiring the ultimate in heavy lift capability.

Fully Autonomous
High Endurance
Heavy Lift
Easy Payload Integration

HLM Octocopter

Capacity: up to 84 lbs

Parcel delivery – large packages

Extra large camera arrangements

Multiple extra large camera gimbals for cinematography purposes

Surveying, large areas

Missions requiring high number of additional on-board peripherals (computers, sensors, etc.), Especially with high power demands

High weight multispectral or lidar packages

Missions with high stability, full redundancy 

Liquid sprayers

Granule spreaders – large to extra large