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Aero Systems West Partners with UBIK Capital to Improve Drone Operations using the ICON Blockchain

Updated: May 11

Aero Systems West (ASW) has partnered with UBIK Capital to increase the safety and security of commercial drone operations utilizing the cutting-edge ICON blockchain. "The immutability and provenance of drone data stored on a blockchain has huge potential to improve commercial drone operations," said Ron Marconet, COO of ASW.

ASW specializes in professional-grade heavy-lift drone systems. An ASW drone recently made history by completing the first drone package delivery in Antigua. This test included the fully-autonomous delivery of a defibrillator over a distance of 2 miles and was completed by Drone Delivery Systems in partnership with UN Ops, Antigua Computer Technology (ACT), the Government of Antigua.

Professional drones operate with little room for error, and ICON offers high speed and low latency necessary for commercial operations. UBIK Capital team member Russell Shirey has worked with ASW previously, enabling the teams to move forward rapidly. UBIK Capital will provide resources to assist in software development and ICON infrastructure, while ASW will provide drone software, hardware, and flight testing support. ASW COO Ron Marconet will join the UBIK Capital team to directly assist in the integration of the two teams.

Initially, the teams will develop technologies to explore drone data sharing, safety, reliability, and tracking improvements. The teams will rapidly prototype, develop, ground test, and then flight test these new technologies, exploring the feasibility of ICON blockchain technology with drone operations. 

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