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CubePilot Options

Updated: May 11, 2021

The CubePilot line of flight controllers for unmanned systems is manufactured by Hex Technologies and uses color to differentiate between various options. This post is intended to help ASW customers (and the community) determine which is best for their needs. All Cube models use a common footprint and connector to mate with a carrier board. Carrier boards come in various form factors and allow the user to adapt the Cube to operate their specific vehicle. Now, let’s take a closer look at the Cubes.

Replacing the Cube Black as the new flagship in the ecosystem, the Cube Orange autopilot is the most powerful model in the lineup of Pixhawk-lineage flight controllers. The Cube boasts triple redundant, temperature-controlled, and shock-absorbing IMUs and is designed for integrators, vehicle manufacturers, and hobbyists alike. The powerful, next-generation H7 processor offers better performance, faster processing, and more built-in security. The Cube Orange comes as a standalone module or in a kit featuring the latest carrier board which now includes integrated ADS-B Input capabilities from uAvionics.

The Cube Blue H7 is identical to the Cube Orange in features and functionality but is manufactured in the United States for compliance-sensitive customers.

(Discontinued) The Cube that started it all! The original Black Cube was designed for commercial systems and hobbyists looking to fully integrate autopilot capabilities into their systems. Enhanced drop and shock resistance, redundant IMUs with heating, and the modular carrier board compatibility made the original Cube the most popular autopilot system in the world. Capable of integration in robotics, traditional planes, multirotors, traditional helicopters, rovers, boats, submarines, and more.