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Drop testing Mobile Sensing Robots

Updated: May 11, 2021

We recently partnered with Squishy Robotics which is building some BIG robots that are being used by first responders for persistent HazMat monitoring during emergencies. Their larger robots needed a larger vehicle to airdrop them and their payload cargos, so Squishy Robotics approached Aero Systems West.

We spent several hours with the Squishy Robotics team and assisted them with testing.  "It was a successful mission. Both teams had a great experience and learned a lot from this mission", said Daniel Neal, the CTO of Aero Systems West.

With a payload capacity of up to 84 pounds, our Heavy Lift Multirotor was more than capable to accomplish Squishy Robotics mobile sensing drop tests. "We are looking forward to working closely as we develop larger versions of our rapidly-deployable sensor robots,” COO Deniz Dogruer, Squishy Robotics added.

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