Heavy Lift Multirotor - Quadcopter

Heavy Lift Multirotor - Quadcopter

ASW is excited to announce a new partnership with the world's safest drone motor manufacturer, T-Motor. This has allowed us to reduce pricing across our HLM lineup while expanding our specification ranges. For customers requiring premium powerplant upgrades, ASW will proudly continue to offer KDE options as well. Please contact us for more information.


The ASW Heavy Lift Multirotor (HLM) system represents the pinnacle of industrial, heavy lift sUAS.  Built with logistics in mind to accommodate the widest possible array of missions.  Achieve unparalleled reliability and longevity when paired with our exclusive DroneCare service plans.  Consider the HLM Quad as a space-efficient entry into large class drones.


What's in the Box:

1x Heavy Lift Multirotor - Quadcopter

1x Hardshell Storage Case

1x RC Safety Controller

1x Assembly Tool Kit

1x Radio Modem for Ground Control

1x Main Flight Battery Set

1x Pelican Brand Battery Shipping and Storage Case

1x Preflight and Postflight Checklists


Please note: Our drones are made to order. Delivery time varies from 4 to 8 weeks based on customer requirements.


If you have any queries regarding your order, please email to sales@aerosystemswest.com

  • Specifications

    Airframe Empty Weight (kg) 11
    Batteries Multiple Options (LiIon or LiPo)
    Contact us for optimal solution
    Typical Payload Range (kg) 0 - 11
    Typical Takeoff Weight (kg) 16 - 32
    Max Endurance (minutes) 50+
    Max Forward Flight Range (km) 31
    Recommended Forward Speed (m/s) 10
    Service Ceiling (m, MSL)
    (theoretical, assumes ISA, subject to change)


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