Intermediate Lift Multirotor

Intermediate Lift Multirotor

ASW is proud to introduce the Intermediate Lift Multirotor (ILM), the perfect complement to any commercial operation. An industrial grade quadcopter that ships and packs easily while supporting various payloads. The smallest in ASW’s family of multirotors, this features the same modularity and ease of maintenance for which our larger options are already known.


Product Specifications


Airframe Empty Weight (kg) 4.2
Flying Weight, No Payload (kg) 6.9
Max Recommended Payload (kg) 3
Max Recommended Takeoff Weight (kg) 9.9
Max Hover Endurance (minutes) 42
Max Forward Flight Range (km) 26
Recommended Forward Speed (m/s) 10


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What's in the Box:

1x Intermediate Lift Multirotor

1x Pelican Brand Shipping and Storage Case

1x RC Safety Controller

1x Assembly Tool Kit

1x Radio Modem for Ground Control

1x Main Flight Battery

1x Preflight and Postflight Checklists


Please note: Our drones are made to order. Delivery time varies from 4 to 8 weeks based on customer requirements.


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