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Heavy Lift Multirotor

ASW would like to announce the Heavy Lift Multirotor (HLM)


Heavy Payload Capacity

Capacities of 18 - 55 pounds (depending on configuration) enable the HLM to perform tasks not previously possible by production multirotors. A modular tray system makes it easy to mount, access, swap, or upgrade your payload.

High Endurance

The HLM can fly for up to an hour, exceeding other multirotors in its class.

Affordable Adaptability

The modular design uses a scalable frame and interchangeable propulsion systems to achieve a solution that is off-the-shelf yet still customizable to your unique needs. The HLM offers a value unmatched by any other commercial multirotor. 


Designed with certification in mind, all subsystems of the HLM are accessible for easy maintenance. Components were selected with data-driven inspection in mind to meet future FAA requirements.


The frame is constructed entirely from carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum to create a rigid, light-weight platform.


60 - 84"


4, 6, or 8 (customizable)

Number of Arms

18 - 55+ lbs (depending on configuration)

Payload Capacity

Up to 1 hour


More information coming soon

Additional Specifications

We used the HLM to successfully complete the first drone package delivery in Antigua. The delivery was fully autonomous, beyond line of sight, and in 20 knot winds.
It wouldn't have been possible without the performance and reliability of the Aero Systems West drone.

Will Stavanja, Drone Delivery Systems CTO